Racing Rules


2.1 Incidents
An ’incident’ means any occurrence or series of occurrences involving one or more drivers, or any action by any driver, which is reported to the Stewards by any driver post race, including:
a) Necessitated the stopping of a practice (qualifying) session or the suspension of a race
b) Constituted a breach of these Sporting Regulations
c) Caused a false start by one or more cars
d) Caused a collision
e) Forced a driver off the track
f) Illegitimately prevented a legitimate overtaking manoeuvre by a driver
g) Illegitimately impeded another driver during overtaking
h) Caused a pit-lane infringement
i) Not respecting formation lap
j) Not respecting flags
k) Not respecting a decision made by the Steward(s) of the meeting

Unless in the opinion of the Stewards it was completely clear that a driver and/or team member was in breach of any of the above, any incidents involving more than one car will normally be investigated after the relevant session or race.

2.2 Responsibility
It shall be at the discretion of the Stewards of the meeting to decide if drivers and/or team members involved in an incident shall be penalised.

2.3 Notification
If an incident is under investigation by the Stewards, a message informing all drivers involved will be displayed on the protest forum and via private message to the parties concerned.

2.4 Penalties
The Stewards may impose one or more of the following three penalties, simultaneously if applicable, and/or in substitution or in addition to other available
penalties, on any driver involved in an incident:
a) A drive-through penalty. The driver must enter the pit lane and rejoin the race without stopping.
b) A 10-second ‘stop & go’ time penalty. The driver must enter the pit lane, stop in the penalty zone for at least 10 seconds and then rejoin the race.
c) A drop of grid positions at the driver’s next race.
d) Forced to begin the race from the rear of the grid.
e) May be excluded from the race altogether.
f) A time penalty shall be a nominal 25 seconds added to the driver’s race time for pit-lane infringements.

2.5 Strike System
The following strike/ban regulation will apply to drivers found contravening the rules as outlined in 2.1:
a) An offending racer will receive one penalty strike per 'incident’.
b) Each strike also carries a 1 race position demotion at the race the incident occurred.
c) Strikes are accumulated within any one series.
d) A driver who receives a total of 3 strikes in a single series will attract an automatic race ban.
e) The race ban will be effective at the next scheduled round.

2.6 Overtaking
Overtaking requires the cooperation of both the driver overtaking and the driver being overtaken. The following applies:
a) Pass with care. If you aren't sure you can pass an opponent safely, then don't. Take your time and find a position/moment when it is safe to do so.
b) Overtaking car:
i. If you're attempting to pass on the inside and don't have a 1/2 car overlap when the lead car turns into the apex, you must give way.
ii. If you’re attempting to pass around the outside then you must be fully along side the other car when exiting the corner, otherwise they are entitled to take the normal racing line, which may include pushing you wide. In the event they start to take you wide, you should fall back behind the other car as safely as possible.
c) Lead car:
i. If you're being overtaken on the inside, and the overtaking car has 1/2 a car overlap or more, you cannot force your racing line and must give racing room.
ii. If you’re being overtaken around the outside and are more than 1/2 car overlap behind, you must give racing room.
d) Weaving defensively is strictly forbidden. You can only take 1 defensive manouvre [change in racing line] into the braking zone.

2.7 Redressing
If you have clearly caused a collision with another driver(s), you should redress immediately and give the position(s) back. This may result in you losing many more positions. You are not allowed to continue racing for any position until you have redressed to the driver(s) with whom you caused a collision. If you don’t accept responsibility for a collision that was clearly your fault, you risk being protested against and having a penalty applied.

2.8 Honesty
2.8.1 An honesty system is in place. We request that everyone owns up to their errors of judgement. We all make mistakes and collisions are a part of racing. Taking responsibility for your misjudgements will be looked upon favourably.

2.8.2 If you are the cause of a race-start incident where a restart is deemed necessary, you will be required to restart the race from rear on grid. If no one accepts responsibility for the restart and upon review of the incident post race are found to be guilty, you will be penalised with a strike and start the next round from pit lane/rear of grid.

2.9 Qualifying
You must esc back to pits if you have a spin, leave the track or have an incident in qualifying. Do not ruin someone else's qualifying by coming back on track. If you continue to impede other drivers, due to continuing after an incident/leaving track, you may receive a mechanical black flag by administration. If you are mechanically black flagged in qualifying, you may be excluded from the rest of qualifying/ start at the rear of the grid for the race, or be excluded from the race all together.

2.9.2 If for any reason you are excluded from qualifying, due to penalty or other means, you must stay within your pit box with no motor running at any stage and not enter the track, till the warmup session has started.