Racing Rules


1.1 Internet Requirements
You must have minimum 256/64 broadband and have a reasonable ping to our server.

1.2 Points Systems
The points system used for each event will be announced in the appropriate sign up thread on the simracingaustralia website.

1.3 In-Game Chat
You may use in game chat if needed. You are not required to post ‘pit in’ or ‘pit out’ messages. Do not post any messages that may offend others. Posting messages during Qualifying is not allowed

1.4 Teamspeak
Since it is a casual and fun league, Teamspeak is compulsory as it lightens the mood, assists in the fun, and helps the organisation of the night. Join in and get to know your fellow drivers, even without a microphone it is strongly encouraged as you will likely hear organisational messages prior to and during the race. It is advisable to use a PTT (Push To Talk) button instead of voice-activated. Using Teamspeak during Qualifying sessions is not allowed.

1.5 Race Incidents and the Protest System
a) (RFL) and The Monday Factor (TMF) is about fun and sportsmanship. Therefore it is important to us to know if drivers have concerns about their experience in RFL or TMF.
b) If, in light of the spirit of RFL/TMF, you feel that you were unfairly dealt with during an event by another driver, you may lodge a protest for review by the Stewards. The protest must be lodged within 24 hours of the completion of the event. To lodge the protest please pm an Admin of the night.
c) Please ensure you have reviewed the incident yourself so other people don't need to waste their time. Penalties for guilty drivers range from and include; private & public reprimands, exclusion from qualifying for next event, points deducted, race suspension. Repeat offenders may be considered for series expulsion.

1.7 On-Track Behaviour
'Larrikin' behaviour is unacceptable at all times, in particular 'burnouts' are banned. In general this rule extends to any action performed by a racer regardless of whether it is intentional, repeated or otherwise which can be considered disruptive to the 'fair use' of the server/track by other racers. Burnouts and donuts may be done post race, but not until all racers have finished the race.

1.8 Conditions
rFactor Admin reserve the rights to change, apply and make additions to any rules as required. Admin decisions are final and debate will not be entered into.